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Choreography Contest


The Department of Culture of San Bartolomé de Tirajana City Council is pleased to announce the XXIII Choreography Contest within 23MASDANZA, THE INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY DANCE FESTIVAL OF THE CANARY ISLANDS, which will be held from October 13 to 20, 2018 in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.

The MASDANZA Festival and its Extensions will take place from October 13 to November 03, 2018.


Prize of the Choreography Contest: 3.000 Euros

Audience Prize: 1.000 Euros

Prize for the most outstanding performer *: 1.000 Euros

The ACORÁN Award (from the Canarian Artistic Community)*: 1.000 Euros

Artistic Residencies:

Trip The Light Fantastic Residency @TripSpace Projects, London (UK).
La Gomera Choreography Center Artistic Residency
International Artistic Residency at the Auditorium of Tenerife
SIT Artistic Residency, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
The Running Up The Hill Experiment Artistic Residency – Festival Danza Urbana.
(Bologna, Italy).

Tour of The Canary Islands, within the inter-island Extensions Tour of MASDANZA.

*These prizes are valid for the Choreography Contest as well as for the Solo Contest.


The Organization works with programming managers and with national and international festivals for the participation of the winners in their programmes. In any case the programming managers will select the piece / pieces that better suit their interests.

MASDANZA maintains Collaboration Agreements with the following international festivals: Yokohama Dance Collection (Japan), Danza Urbana (Italy), M1 CONTACT (Singapore), TripSpace Projects (United Kingdom), New Dance For Asia [NDA] (South Korea), BODY.RADICAL International Performing Arts Biennial (Hungary) and The ACIELOABIERTO Network of Festivals (Spain).


Participation is open to creators of any nationality. They will be able to participate with original pieces or pieces created and premiered from 1st January 2016.

The Choreography Contest includes all duos, therefore, the pieces must have a minimum of TWO (2) and a maximum of FIVE (5) performers onstage.

The duration of the piece must NOT be less than TEN minutes NOR go over FIFTEEN minutes.

The pieces that do not respect these time limits may be disqualified.

The selection for the Choreography Contest, which will be carried out by a special committee, will take place in the following manner:

The creators must send an Electronic Application that must include:

Video of the finished piece and all the elements of the set (without cuts and from a fixed pan shot).

The recordings that are of no good viewing quality may be rejected.

Once the selection has been carried out, no changes to the basic structure of the piece nor to
the set used will be allowed.

The Organization will cover the participants’ accommodation costs and will help with a travel grant for each selected piece in accordance with the country of origin:

-The Canary Islands (except Gran Canaria): 200 €
-Europe (including mainland Spain, The Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla): 600 €
-Rest of the world: 900 €

Important Notice:

If the participant (s) find institutions in their countries of origin that finance the purchase of their plane tickets, the Travel Grant will not have effect and will not be paid.

If the above is not the case, the price of the plane ticket will be paid, against invoice or proof of purchase, being the limit the amount established as Travel Grant in each case.

The travel grant is a fixed amount for each soloist or group as a monetary contribution towards the purchase of the tickets to attend the Festival. It is an amount per solo or group, not per participant.

Any special situation on this matter is subject to the final ruling of the MASDANZA Organization.

The Organization will cover the expenses of accommodation, per-diems, transfers, inter-island plane tickets and fees of the pieces invited to participate in the Extensions of MASDANZA (Inter-Island Tour).

The period for the reception of all the documentation is from MARCH 01 to JUNE 30, 2018.

The Organisation will notify the results of the selection beginning on JULY 20, 2018.

Winners in the CHOREOGRAPHY CONTEST cannot participate in the same category the following year. They can, however, apply to participate in the Solo Contest.

4.- JURY

The Jury will consist of national and international professionals and experts in the stage and performing arts and it reserves the right to declare any prize void (except the Audience Prize).

If the Jury considers to award a prize exaequo, the amount will be divided among the pieces concerned.

The Jury and the Selection Committee will apply the following assessment criteria to the choreographic pieces taking part: Originality, inventive capacity, innovation and risk in the design, realisation of the choreographic ideas, use of the choreographic and dance languages, use of the stage and its elements as well as the use of the music.


The groups selected to participate in 23MASDANZA must confirm their attendance to the Festival within five days of receiving confirmation of their selection. Otherwise they might be disqualified.

Each group will bring a stage manager or technician, who will be in the control room, with the Festival’s technician, in order to be in charge of all cues and be responsible of operating the sound of the piece.

IMPORTANT: If the piece is chosen to participate in the Extensions Tour of MASDANZA, the technician will not accompany the company on the tour.

Due to technical, space and time limitations, the lighting effects and the set have to be minimal. The elements of the set should be able to be put in place quickly. Elements of large dimensions or difficult to install must be avoided. This material must be provided and transported by the participants themselves.

Due to the specific limitations of the theatre, no element may be hung from the poles or at the back.

Pieces where water or other liquids are spilt or where elements need to be cleaned afterwards, therefore disrupting the smooth running of the programme, will not be admitted.

The Organization shall not be liable for any physical or material damage sustained or caused by the participants during the Festival, including the loss or theft of objects and personal belongings.

The winning choreography will always be announced in programmes, press, posters, etc. as the Choreography Contest Prize Winner of 23MASDANZA, XXIII International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands.

The participant expressly exempts MASDANZA, The International Contemporary Dance Festival of The Canary Islands, of any obligation of any copyright, assuming the participant all the responsibility and obligation that his/her activity might create with any such rights.

The choreographers of the participating pieces will give over to the Organisation the image, recording and audiovisual broadcasting rights of the pieces. The Organisation will use these rights exclusively for informative, educational and cultural purposes.

All prizes are subject to be taxed as stipulated by the legislation in force.

The Management of MASDANZA will be in charge of ruling on any issue not covered herein.

Participation in 23MASDANZA, THE INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY DANCE FESTIVAL OF THE CANARY ISLANDS means the full acceptance of these conditions.


Applications to participate in the XXIII Edition of MASDANZA must submit an Electronic Application complying with the following requirements:

-All boxes in the application must be filled out.

-The video links must be active at least until September 15, 2018, and uploaded on either YouTube or Vimeo. The link must be open, otherwise, the password must be included.



TECHNICAL INFORMATION: The following link contains IMPORTANT information for the participants in the Group Choreography Contest. Please click on the link, download the information and print:


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