Tuesday, December 18, 2018


21MASDANZA Choreography

21MASDANZA presents a selection of 8 international choreography artists, chosen from the total of 113 applications received for the choreography Contest. The works have arrived from: Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, South Korea, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, United States of America, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Democratic Republic of Congo, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia and Venezuela.

These are the countries that sent applications for the first time this year: Senegal, Vietnam y  Turkey

PHASE (10’)
Lyon, France
Created by> Simon Feltz, Marion Karline
Performed by> Simon Feltz & Daniela Zaghini
Music> Erik K Skodvin “Graves”

“Phase is a duet. In any relationship, in any construction, you need to create a base to build something up from that point. If you forget this base the whole structure falls apart, the entire relationship loses all its sense. It grows, it progresses but little elements resurge like little pieces of memories. Phase is made out of this simple concept and tries to make its path through this essential rule”.


Madrid, Spain
Created by> Iratxe Ansa Santiesteban
Performed by> Gemma Espinosa Carné & Yansi Méndez
Original Music> Hildur Gudnadottir “Unveiled”
Lighting Design> Lee Chi Wai

“Two women enter the space. Their way of moving suggests that what we see is the result of a conversation that began long ago. We see them hovering and embrace absent bodies, it is not clear if these bodies are of ancestors or something of the present. The two women move giving a sense of unity, they contaminate each other. They share bones, blood and bodies. They play a game of life and death, they imitate and are opposed, push, hold and manipulate. We yet do not know where this game is going to lead them”.

ÓMNIRA (14’37”)
Athens, Greece
Created by> Stella Ariadne Spyrou
Performed by> Maria Ioanna Varvia, Konstantina Barkouli-Gavri, Maria Paschalidou, Christiana Kosiari & Margarita Trikka
Original Music> The Bitzpan “Ómnira”
Costumes> Natassa Dimitriou
Lighting Design> Nikos Vlasopoulos

“Could I rest in a corner in the shade, my arms around my crossed legs, like a vengeful, self-loathing, detached spider; weaving webs with its saliva?” – Yannis Ritsos

The piece is inspired by Yannis Ritsos’s monologue “Farewell” which was written in March 1957, when the heroic death of the Cypriot rebel Grigoris Afxentiou, came as a shock for all people who supported democratic ideals. Afxentiou fought by himself against strong British forces in the Troodos region, in a cave near the monastery Machairas in Cyprus. In this monologue the poet unfolds and reflects the inner struggle of Afxentiou in his den. The Cypriot revolutionist, envisioning a better world, is choosing to self-sacrifice, overcoming, at the same time, the human need for survival…In Yorubá, an African dialect, “Ómnira” means liberation”.

Special Thanks to Patricia Apergi, Frosso Trousa and the Dance Cultural Centre in Athens for their support.The piece was performed for the first time at 7th ARC FOR DANCE Festival in Athens, as a work in progress.

IT’S BETWEEN US (10’40”)
London, United Kingdom
Created by> Joseph Toonga & Dickson Mbi
Performed by> Anthony Matsena & Kenny Wing Tao Ho
Original Music> Orin “It’s Between Us”
Additional Music> Armand Amar “Sarah”

“The work follows a journey of struggle and conveys a supportive relationship between two friends. The piece looks at finding solutions, portraying the strength of friendship and that even when there is distance there can be support”.


NISYA (10’)
Tokyo, Japan
Created & Performed by> Maiko Hasegawa & Mamoru Sakata
Music> Plaster “Tangle”
Costumes> Misa Umeda
Lighting Design> Margot Olliveaux

“It will be there, maybe It will not be there, but We will be HERE…Expressed by two parallel flows of energy, this piece simply and delicately presents the existence of dancers as they are and the changes in their relationship. When choreographing this piece, we tried to remove unnecessary expressions as much as possible and directly incorporated the energy that naturally came about in our bodies and emotions”


LAPSO (12’)
Madrid, Spain
Created & Performed by> Mar Rodríguez Valverde & Samuel Déniz Falcón
Music> Matmos “Lift Up Your Hat” / Brambles “To Speak Of Solitude”
Lighting Design> Mar Rodríguez Valverde

“We walk the same paths without paying attention to our steps, ignoring what might happen between them. With a blank stare, apparently determined, we keep going towards our destinations. How long would you need to see someone else?”.



HELLO? (15’)
Seoul, South Korea
Created by> Lim Set Byeol
Performed by> Yang Ji Yeon & Lim Set Byeol
Original Music> Kim Hyeong Min “Hello”
Costumes> Han Yoon Joo
Lighting Design> Han Yoon Joo

“The dancers carry out their work on stage with appropriate costumes, gestures and attitudes of their discipline and self-regulation. The environment and working conditions, sound, costumes, are seen by the audience as tactile sounds. The workers express themselves with the language of their bodies, the intersection of a variety of emotions (anguish, shame, fun, reward, fear, anger). And the stage, sound, costumes and movements of the dancers make the stage a context of emotional labor. “