Tuesday, December 18, 2018



Kanagawa, Japan
Created & Performed by> Haruka Watanabe
Music> Scanner “Immemory” / Nordic Affect “Clockworking”
Costumes> Kayo Watanabe
Lighting Design> Kayo Kushida
Technical Assistance> Maho Takahashi

“You would be in a tranquil time when you reach the end of a novel, or when you come to the magnificent finale. When does “ending” exist? Ending is not reset. If you were a captive of something, what is behind will swallow you. Neither circulating nor banishing, it is approaching you”.

Winner of the MASDANZA-EU Award 2016 at The Yokohama Dance Collection Festival. Yokohama, Japan.

Brussels, Belgium
Created & Performed by> Piergiorgio Milano
Original Music> Piergiorgio Milano “Wet Alarm”

“Does a nightmare start with eyes open or closed?
Can we read another person’s dream?
Does a nightmare end with the eyes open or closed?
Does somebody that can’t sleep stay awake?
What prevents us from sleeping?
What prevents us from staying awake?
We all have already daydreamed once, are we sure we never lived with the eyes closed?”

“With insomnia nothing is real, everything is far, everything is the copy, of the copy, of the copy, of the copy…” – Chuck Palahniuk.

INMOST (10’)
Samutprakarn, Thailand
Created & Performed by> Pakhamon Hemachandra
Music> Loscil “Estuarine” / Song Min Ho “Oh” / Jay-Z & Kanye West “Ni**as in Paris” / Hyolin ft Jay Park & Gee Goo In “It’s not time to love (money)” / Alva Noto “Xerrox Radieuse / GD & T.O.P. “Don’t Go Home”
Music Editing> Pakhamon Hemachandra
Lighting Design> Veeky Tan

“INMOST explores the internal feelings, emotions, and movements that occur within the body; scattered thoughts and experiences that sometimes cannot be vocalized and irrevocably lost. Delving inwards, the work is an honest and visceral uncovering the deep emotional states through movement”.

Winner of the MASDANZA-M1 CONTACT Award 2016 at The M1 CONTACT Festival. Singapore.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Created & Performed by> Jain Souleymane Koné
Original Music> Erwann Bouvier “Lego de l’ego”
With the support of> Casa África

“I became used to observing two young brothers play different games for fun, touched by their complicity. One day they were playing Lego, and I discovered, to my surprise, their disagreement, they quarreled because each wanted to build his own world. I asked myself why would they play alone? At that age, what relationship did they have with power?
They just wanted to base things on their own aims and trying to control behavior and space, wanting the other to obey. They decided on a common area: their ego. I was arrested. Or was I relating to my own ego? What am I building, in general? What am I deconstructing?”.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Created & Performed by> Paloma Hurtado de la Cruz
Original Music> Samuel Aguilar “ Desert Rose”
Costumes> Paloma Hurtado de la Cruz
Lighting Design> Grace Morales
Photography> Alex Ro
Video> Yudi Acosta

“Without freedom, no wings, with feet plunging into the infinite thin sand of a nameless desert…I…nobody. More in danger than ever they try to defend themselves and get lost…they…nobody. And to avoid it all the dream of letting my heart be pierced grows in me, a heart among paths and mountains, humble, flying low”.

UNDO MUDRA (11’30”)
Berlin, Germany – Bogota, Colombia
Created by> Gabriel Galindez
Performed by> Stylianos Panagiotis Tsatsos
Music> Hespérion XXI “Las estrellas de los cielos”

“The Supreme Being, eternal creator, cosmic dancer, walks about the universe, ethereal, untangling the threads of a tired and decadent world, He untangles them, transforms them and interweaves them molding the virtues of a renovated world…In Undo Mudra we explore the body language based on the semiology of the Mudras. Dance, as a sacred tool, acquires specific powers over the surroundings. The language of the hands communicates precisely a complex vocabulary that expands and leaves a mark on the scenic space, building a supra-dimensional network of ancestral symbols”.

ANI-MA (15’)
Tel Aviv, Israel
Created & Performed by> Roni Chadash
Original Music> Raime Mitleid “The dimming of road and rights” / Bohern & Der Club of Gore “Lady”
Costumes> Jul Davidovich
Lighting Design> Ilia Feld

“I try to shed what I’ve learned, I try to forget the way I was taught to remember, And scrape off the ink they painted my senses with, Unpack my true emotions, Unwrap myself to be me, a human animal created by Nature”. – Fernando Passoa