Tuesday, December 18, 2018


20MASDANZA Choreography

Birmingham, United Kingdom
Created & Performed by> Rudi Cole & Julia Robert
Music> Nils Frahm “Says”/ Murcof “Sangre y Mateo” /
Ben Frost “Through the Glass of the Roof”
Costumes> rudiandjulia
Lighting Design> Horne Horneman

“The fragility of identity in a modern society, the exposed mask to a ruthless formality arrested by gestures. The beauty of matter when undressed by its meaning. Always putting you back to where you belong…A sheep world of contradiction, formality and manipulation where Life becomes hopeless unless we strip away the masks”.

Madrid, Spain
Created by> Begoña Quiñones & Mar Rodríguez Valverde
Performed by> Begoña Quiñones, Mar Rodríguez Valverde, Verónica Garzón
Original Music> Fabrizio Di Salvo “Prueba Trinity 1.0”
Costumes> Begoña Quiñones & Mar Rodríguez
Lighting Design> Irene Cantero & José Miguel Bau

“We live in a reality in which certain words no longer have value. Perhaps by projecting to another place may we silence the ghostly melodies played by ruling tyrannies. The choreographic idea has the body as its centerpiece. It is the basis on which the soundtrack is added. The political and social information conveyed by the soundtrack constitutes an additional layer of meaning that provides a richer context, either consciously or unconsciously. Through this performance we attempt to challenge the audience to a confrontation. How does the information in the soundtrack directly affect both the performer and the spectator? How do we handle the information overload we are exposed to?”

Berlin, Germany
Created by> Sofia Pintzou
Performed by> Alexander Fend, Sofia Pintzou, Marc Krause Duault
Lighting Design> Sofia Pintzou

“Nobody has the intention to build a Wall” – Walter Ulbricht, 1961

“One wants to speak, exist, move. Two others join, helping and flowing together harmonically, till their intention changes to a gradually growing barrier, restricting the first one’s activity to the maximum. However, this barrier leads to a transformation and a new situation equally vibrant slowly appears, like a possible vibrant process in all relations between humans. A wall is the force to change, minimize, rearrange, hide, restrict, thoughts and actions. It contains pure violence, very often intelligently hidden. And this hidden element, like an invisible carpet, determines and supports this situation’s hazard”.

Taipei, Taiwan
Created by> Po-Cheng Tsai
Performed by> Chien-Chih Chang, Sheng-Ho Chang
Music> Slumber Tides
Costumes> Po-Cheng Tsai
Lighting Design> Po-Cheng Tsai

“Two ravens resting on the shoulders of God Odin, one of which is “Hugin” representing “Thought“ and the other, “Munin” representing “Memory”. They are God Odin’s eyes, flying all over the world, “Midgard”, and reporting what they see to God Odin. When all the gods gather together, God Odin ponders what has been told by “Thought“ and “Memory“. Ravens are the judges of life. They spy on us and force us to recall all the past memories, such as happiness, loneliness, frailty, and perseverance. Life is a series of isolated fragments, and thoughts are the momentary judgement. A while later, thoughts become memory. Thoughts and memory are mutually dependent and closely related. Later in life, many meanings thus emerge. In Chinese Idioms, “Life” and “Death” are pre-ordained, and riches and honors come from God. If all the beginning and ending of life is destined even before we come to the world, then is our decision of our life’s path a choice or just by chance? Why do we remember and why do we forget? What do we have after memories vanish? If you could only keep one fragment of memory, what is your choice? Perhaps we are destined to be rolling in the endless routine game of thought and memory. After all, Hugin and Munin, please bring our warmest regards to God Odin”.

REST (15’)
Seoul, South Korea
Created by> Jae-young Lee
Performed by> Jae-young Lee, Jeaho Shin
Music> Gotan Project “La del Russo”
Lighting Design> Jihyun Ahn
Production> Company SIGA
International Management> Ahram Gwak

“ ‘Rest’ displays the burnout and fatigue from the image of a ball restlessly moving and bouncing, and shows the desperate need of rest and the following sense of void. This show maximizes the use of body energy by using the image of a ball which has a flexible and organic way of moving”.

Taipei, Taiwan
Created by> Po-Cheng Tsai
Performed by> Chiung-Tai Huang, Sheng-Ho Chang
Music> Zoe Keating “Legions (Reverie)”, “We Insist”
Costumes> Po-Cheng Tsai
Lighting Design> Po-Cheng Tsai

“…Our life journey inspired by floating lanterns. Each and every up and down in life is a self-searching process. Is it us who create life or has life found us? And where does your life lead you?…Water Lanterns, a ritual held during the Ghosts Festival, is one of the most important Buddhist ceremonies. Floating the lanterns is meant to worship God and to send away back luck and bring happiness and it also represents our respect for the spirits in the water…In my childhood my father took me to the festival every year and helped me write down my wishes on the lanterns and send them away with the flow of the river. I always hoped my wishes would come true one day. Many years later my father died of cancer and since then, I never attended the festival anymore…two years ago I saw a picture of water lanterns, it brought me back to my childhood and the memories came back to me. I realized how foolish I was to have made a wish only for myself in my childhood rather than praying for my family…reminiscing of my father I realized how changeable and fleeting life can be: it might perish anytime, without warning. Then I decided to create a piece for my father, to commemorate him and at the same time free myself from the haunting memories of the past. This is why I created “Floating Flowers”.

ZERO (15’)
Berlin, Germany
Created & Performed by> Elisabetta Lauro & César Augusto Cuenca Torres
Artistic Collaboration> Gennaro Lauro
Music> Colleen “Unfolding Out”, Polmo Polpo “Like Hearts Swelling”

“We let things go and then we let ourselves go. We keep on circling in orbit, one round the other, with nothing to aim for, in search of a reference point that probably does not even exist. We are not allowed to stop. But roots themselves are not still, never fixed, searching with no regret, and it is in this movement that the essence of every being becomes real. At the zero point, real life, which is shapeless, takes place”.