Tuesday, December 18, 2018



Natalia Medina holds a degree in Physical Education by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and a Master’s degree in Scenic Arts by King Juan Carlos University of Madrid.

She is involved in many areas of artistic activity involving dance, including performances, formation, creation, direction and management, specializing in the contemporary expression of this discipline.

In 1999 she created her own Natalia Medina Dance Company. With the company she has presented works as Ahoras, Papas & Noes, Untitled, La TĂ©cnica Perfecta del Giro, TAG, Allegro Andante Assestamento Perpetuo, The Fifth Woman. More recently, the Company is touring with the productions: White Discharge, Feeling Well When You Are Around Me, IncorpĂłrea, Elipsis and Exquisite Form.

In 1996 she founded MASDANZA, The International Contemporary Dance Festival Of The Canary Islands and in 2016, she will celebrate her twentieth-first year as Director.