Wednesday, December 19, 2018


XVIII Choreography Contest

fETCH (15’)

Madrid, Spain

Created and Performed by> Mar Rodríguez Valverde, Begoña Quiñones.

Music> You Mean More To Me Than Any Scientific Truth (Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnason), Take Time, The Future Wouldn’t Be That Nice (The Books).

Music Editing> Miguel Bellas

Costumes> Begoña Quiñones & Mar Rodríguez

Lighting Design> Irene Cantero

Sometimes we doubt about who we are, the things we do, the choices we make…maybe it might be easier to understand that nothing is complete, that we are not alone and that balance is inevitably unstable.


Berlin, Germany

Created and Performed by> Elisabetta Lauro, César Augusto Cuenca Torres

Music> Pájaros (Gustavo Santaolalla), We Insist (Zoe Keating), Puzzlewood (Bark Cat Bark)

…The journey of two human beings who, linked and led by an overwhelming sense of loss, choose to abandon certainty for uncertainty with the will to discover and be discovered. The first step, unstable and unsure, gains courage, grows and is transformed. The fragility of the body becomes action that howls, silence becomes a question…Once we have gone beyond the darkness in the eyes of the unknowing, when we begin to see things in a different light, we arrive to the the conclusion that maybe sometimes it is necessary to get lost in order to find oneself .


Tel Aviv, Israel

Created by>  Sharon Vazanna

Performers> Sharon Vazanna, Tamar Sonn, Ravid Abarbanel

Original Music> Shlomi Bitton

Additional Music> Di Madride Noi Siam Mattadori, Si Ridesta In Ciel L’Aurora (Giuseppe Verdi), La Maja de Goya, Excerpt “I Have A Dream” (Enrique Granados).

…the struggle of three women for living space, attention, freedom and love in their journey through the human jungle and their attempt to survive in it…the complicated relationships that develop between them…from intimacy and cooperation to alienation and rivalry. The tension between the attempt to ‘fit in’ and to conform to the rules of society and the hunger for success, status and power is the driving force behind these relationships…the borders between human and animal fade…

TOUCH (10’ 50”)

Skopje, Macedonia

Created by> Igor Kirov

Performed by> Adrijana Dancevska, Igor Kirov

Music> Noon (Alva Noto / Sakamoto)

Lighting Design> Igor Kirov

“To have you but not no hold you…to want you but not to have you…to touch you…”


Seoul, South Korea

Created by> Hyunjin Jung

Performers> Seunghae Kim, Hyunjin Jung

Music> Nocturene 2, Nocturne 19, Nocturne 21 (Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin)

Costumes> Fitbow

Lighting Design> Ryu Bakki

Management> Yewon Chu

Based on Park Min Gyu’s novel ‘The Door of Morning’, where he deals with life issues of this generation through the perspective of death and birth…he uses ‘morning’ and ‘door’ as symbols for despair and hope…’When it’s time to open the first door of tomorrow, I go to sleep, regardless of the type or color of life…I soak my body in the bathtub filled with water and I lay still…I feel the buoyancy, like a fish…But I feel like going back to sleep…When I am running with sweat running down my throat, I begin to draw a bath…My body is gradually exposed and I send myself into the door of another today. If I walk out the door something that becomes my buoyancy would be waiting for me…’ “.