Wednesday, December 19, 2018


VII Solo Contest


Washington, D.C., USA – Nagoya, Japan.

Created and Performed by> Junichi Fukuda

Music> La Grande Terre – Minéral, La Grande Terre – Eclosion (Olivier Bensa)

…the life stage of some insects undergoing transformation…hands are the symbols of freedom, growth and transformation. Movements without hands metaphor something incomplete, restricted, or something in process to become complete…the process of eclosion…how we struggle to transform…discoveries, challenges during the transformation….


Tokyo, Japan

Created and Performed by> Miwa Okuno

Original Music> Fujishiro Yohei

Decline. Resistance. Seen as mere objects…the phenomena of ‘decay’ and ‘death’ of natural objects, including humans. They may seem cruel, but considering their real meaning,  I feel they are beautiful: Rotten fruit, aged skin, crumbling buildings…They are essential phenomena to keep Earth going. Just as the sun sets and rises again, the next generations are created by accepting them. This work expresses mankind’s greatest contradiction between the desire for eternity in human hearts, and the reality that impermanent materials created by humans bring death to ourselves.

NOBODY’S STORY (12’ 31”)


Created and Performed by> Inma Marín

Original Music> No. 1, No. 2 (Kostas Tosidis)

Additional Music> Nobody’s Story (Neil Young)

Vestuario> Inma Marín

Lighting Design> Carlos Cañal, María Viñuela

Every Night and every Morn…Some to Misery are Born. Every Morn and every Night…Some are Born to sweet delight…some are Born to sweet delight. Some are Born to Endless Night” – ‘Songs of Innocence’ , William Blake….Nobody is a character that built itself from a memory. A memory from those who once had a thought about him. A body in-between two worlds. A body attempting to live what flows from the self. Nobody meets his own personality and conscience through emotion.

QUI, ORA (15’)

Prato – Tuscany, Italy

Created and Performed by> Claudia Catarzi

Original Music> Long Day (Spartaco Cortesi)

Additional Music> Streets of Laredo (Johnny Cash)

I have removed everything, put everything aside…I have tried to bring everything back to the essential, to the bare minimum…I have found a body, my own, as the most suitable means to execute this journey…the desire to connect with a part of ourselves which we seldom reach, a part that exists in everyone but is rarely accessed…’survival instinct’…’natural dialogue’ with information sourced from the environment…the animal part of our existence…incited by stimuli…instinctive intelligence, hardly ever linked to rationality…not to act but to react…knowing when to seize the moment is a similar act to being a conqueror…only at the end, looking back, I recognize my experience.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Created by> Sharon Vazanna

Performer> Ravid Abarbanel

Music> Chorus of the Hebew Slaves – Nabuco (Giuseppe Verdi) – Je Veux Vivre (Waltz Song) – Romeo & Juliet (Charles Gounod)

Costumes> Nir Benita

Lighting Design> Shahar Werachson

The encounter of a woman with the social and public spheres. In order to feel a part of them she needs to prepare herself and put on her social, cultured image. The exposure of this particular aspect of her existence pushes aside her instinctual and so called uncivilized side. The tension between these two parts of her soul grows. Which of the two sides will win? Or is this a daily struggle she needs to live with day after day?


Barcelona, Spain

Created by> Guido Sarli

Performed by> Ares D’Angelo

Music> Underground Shelter (Angelo Badalamenti), Last Race (Jack Nische), De Natura Sonoris (Krizstof Penserecky), Uno Dopo L’Altro (Fred Buongusto & Berto Pisano).

Costumes> Guido Sarli

Lighting Design> Horne Horneman.

Stuntman is a reflection on the mutable identity of the human being and his need to be reflected in the eyes of others. A free fall in a subtle emotional line that separates fiction from reality, where life has value and meaning only in the action.