Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Choreography Contest 17MASDANZA

In this year’s edition of the Choreography Contest of 17MASDANZA, a total of 119 applications were received, 5 of them were chosen to participate. The applications came from different countries around the world: Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Canada, South Korea, Colombia, Denmark, The United States of America, Spain, Estonia, France, Greece, Hong Kong (China), Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Venezuela.

SPIC & SPAN (15’) Senaglia della Battaglia, Italy

Created and Performed by: Marco D’Agostin, Giorgia Nardin, Francesca Foscarini

Music: Tulipan (Trio Lescano), We Are Rockstars (Does it offend you, yeah?), Heart Of Glass (The Puppini Sisters)

Lighting Design: Luca Telleschi


“They are what they are. They are beautiful. They’re OK. They know they are being looked at. They don’t know. They don’t look. They have a body. They don’t have it. They are empty. They are one two three. They are one. They are three. What are they hiding? Are they lying, or are they telling the truth?. What is not as it seems? Underneath an apparent health, decay moves slowly.”

ACCOMPANY (15’) Seoul, South Korea

Created by: Hyauk Jin Geon

Performers: Hyauk Jin Geon, Sun Chun Han

Music: Festival (Sigur RĂłs)

Costumes: Haute Neuf

Lighting Design: Min Jae Kim

“…To go with or go together…these days everyone thinks individually and for their own benefit…the loneliness and fear we are feeling are the result of our own actions…I am sending a letter to my companion, who is feeling the same as me. I know and I am sure that somewhere there is someone to accompany me…and so are you…”


Athens, Greece

Created by: Christina Mertzani, Evangelos Poulinas

Performers: Christina Mertzani, Evangelos Telonis

Music: Scrims (Christopher Willits), Murskaus (Pan Sonic), Via San Nicolo (Max Richter), Sided (Pan Amerika), Valomuuntaja (Pan Sonic)

Costumes:  Christina Mertzani, Evangelos Poulinas

“Movement exploration…how to use two bodies to create something farther than human…What are we?…How does that creature live and respond to each environment?…”

FIFTH CORNER (14’40”) Barcelona, Spain

Created by: Guido Sarli, Manuel RodrĂ­guez

Performers: Xavi Auquer, Ares D’Angelo, Lautaro Reyes

Music: Houdini Rites, Musik Für Alle (Black To Comm), Jhoto 3 (Pan Sonic), Duettino – Sull’Aria (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Costumes: Manuel RodrĂ­guez, Guido Sarli

Lighting Design: Manuel RodrĂ­guez, Guido Sarli

“Fifth Corner explores where the primitive and authentic essence of the human being stays. Looking inside the body as an allegorical individual prison.”

COEXISTENCE (15’) Seoul, South Korea

Created by:  Boram Kim

Performers: Boram Kim, Kungmin Jang

Music: When A Man Loves A Woman (Percy Sledge), Elephant (Damien Rice), Sidaeyugam (Seo Taiji), Main Title of Taxi Driver (OST by Bernard Hermann)


“We are not aware of how to protect ourselves from this life, where things can be either pleasant or absolutely unpleasant. This work was created with my honest feelings to portray the coexistence of my own positive (performer 1) and negative (performer 2) sides, in an attempt to rethink this duality and to exist as a third person (audience) at the same time.”