Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Solo Contest 17MASDANZA

17MASDANZA presents a selection of 6 international solo artists, chosen from the total of 106 applications received for the Solo Contest. The works have arrived from: Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Canada, South Korea, Colombia, Denmark, The United States of America, Spain, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Venezuela.

SHADOWLINES (15’) Tokyo, Japan

Created by: Chikako Kaido

Performer: Hyun Jin Kim

Music: Instailing (Instailing), Comp Vier (Goem)

Video Desing: Semiramis Ceylan


“The world which is inside of the shadow, the shadow you can see inside of the light. The darkness is inside of the body, the darkness you can see outside of the body. Inside out. Moving in between. The body belongs to both worlds. The line which was born from life.”

MAVO (12’) Antananarivo, Madagascar

Created and Performed by: Julie Iarisoa

Music: Archangel, Endorphin (Burial)

Lighting Design: Julie Iarisoa

Costumes: Julie Iarisoa


“Despite the constraints in this world, art will always bring a new breath and a new life…whatever the eyes of the world, “Mavo”* wants to keep joy, freedom and generosity … although this excessive generosity is often misunderstood by the world and also even “Mavo”* is often misunderstood and considered as crazy…”

BIRD’S EYE VIEW (12’)  Bologna, Italy

Created and Performed by:Simona Bertozzi

Music: Memory Man, Bed Rock (3/4 Had Been Eliminated)

Costumes: Simona Bertozzi, Marcello Briguglio

Lighting Design: Antonio Rinaldi


“The solitary game of a human being longing for exploration in a sort of visionary landscape. This solitary player, like a pioneer or a survivor, embodies a dialogue with a sort of camouflaging game, playing with a thought between a human and an animal state…”

MI ARMA (15’)  Granada, Spain

Created and Performed by: Laila Tafur

Music: Nana Del Caballo Grande (CamarĂłn de la Isla), Deadman (Neil Young)



“This piece is a game that points at the common things between westerns and flamenco: the figure of the horse, the subject matter of death, the gypsy cowboy, the dessert as a character…”

CANTANDO SULLE OSSA (15’)  Vicenza, Italy

Created and Performed by: Francesca Foscarini

Music: I-IV (Gregg Kowalsky)

Costumes: Federica Todesco

Lighting Design: Tiziano Ruggia


“What happens when the will abdicates and the body lets itself be guided by movement? What happens when it indulges in the pleasure of being lost in the vastness and emptiness of space? Looking for the right place for the body, a body whose bones, clinking like glass, are the only thing that remains.”

WOODS (15’) Tel Aviv, Israel

Created and Performed by: Maya Brinner

Music: Woods (Uri Frost)

Costumes: Galit

Lighting Design: Tamat Or


“This piece investigates patterns. Throughout the piece the issue of investigation goes deeper and deeper into the forest of the subconscious. The ongoing, never-ending need to free ourselves from emotional patterns may perhaps be the only chance to finally submit to them.”