Friday, February 15, 2019


16MASDANZA – Winners


CUBE (14’ 15”) – 1st. Prize
Tokyo, Japan
Created and Performed by> Emily Tanaka
Music> Mogwai “Black Spider 2”, Aphex Twin “QKTHR”, Yoshihiro Hanno “Empty Swimming Pool”, Mogwai “Mogwai fear Satan (Surgeon Remix).
Lighting Design> Emily Tanaka

“Before I leave, the dark comes over behind my back. The remainder of our ordinary days. feelings that I don’t want to look back on. Surplus senses to wards. Lost memories without intention. Ways which were not chosen. Ignoring other people’s minds…The rest of my being settles, grows and occupies a cubic space. A necessary structure for my life. But the cube seems enormous and infinite unexpectedly. I wonder in which side I am, either outside or inside. Before I step forward, the cube comes over, like the dark, behind my back.”

NOT I (14’) – 2nd. Prize
Seoul, South Korea
Created and Performed by> Choi Young Hyun
Music> Arvo Part “Spiegel im Spiegel”, “Fur Alina”

“This work is to reconstitute ‘Not I’, one of Samuel Beckett’s pieces, and the theme of this work is severance. The choreographer expresses human mental conflict and the agony and despair, the selfish attitude about the human common question ‘Who am I?’ through very understated movements and music.”

WAVES (15’) – 3rd. Prize /  Audience Award Best Solo and International Residency of The Auditorium of Tenerife « Adán Martín »

Seoul, South Korea
Created and Performed by> Sun-A Lee
Music> Benga “Intro”, “Electro Music”, “Duel”. Skream “Dutch Flowerz”
Costumes> Duck-Im No
Lighting Design> In-Yeon Lee

“ ‘Waves’ expresses the encounter of sound waves and the energy of movement through the phenomenon of ‘ripple’. Coming from outside, music, voices or sounds produce reactions within the body and fester until it becomes visually perceptible, as movements, gestures and dance. When the music starts, my energy accelerates the heartbeat. I feel the blood circulating in my veins and it seems like ‘waves’ that dance in my heart until the body transmits them to the outside, where the eye of the viewer identifies them as my intimate movement.”


ON THE ROAD (15’) – 1st. Prize
New Taipei City, Taiwan
Created by> Tsung-Lung Cheng
Performers> Pao-Su Chiang, Sih-Wei Luo, Tsung-Lung Cheng
Music> Dona Rosa “Quando eu era costureira”, Dakota Suite “One day without harming you”
Costumes> Bing-Hao Lin
Lighting Design> Tsung-Lung Cheng

“In the process of learning professional dance, I have learnt an array of various body movement techniques both from the Eastern and Western systems…Body performance is but a part of what creates culture. Learning physical performance alone cannot make one understand the entire structure or the reason behind the formation of the performance, resulting in ‘knowing what it is but not why it is’…Therefore it is necessary to thoroughly understand the reason of the formation of one action…”

LAISSE-MOI PARLER (15’) – 2nd. Prize
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Created by> Jacques Bana Yanga
Performers> Jacques Bana Yanga, Ambassa Kibala Mimani, Amigo Star Bolanza Tamboe, Arnold Coco Bitabe
Music> Lidusu Kena “Nalongi”
Lighting Design> Pierrot Lufuakenda

“This is a militant piece that raises political and social issues in today’s Africa. Throughout the piece, the four dancers attempt to speak but words do not come out. They struggle to break the silence and defy censorship to denounce their miserable living conditions. This piece illustrates the fight of African youth for their right to speak.”

MOSCOW (15’) – 3rd. Prize
Barcelona, Spain
Created by> Marcos Morau
Performers> Cristina Facco, Inma Asensio, Lorena Nogal, Núria Navarra, Manuel Rodríguez
Music> Tchaikovsky “Waltz from Swan Lake”, Stravinsky “The Firebird-Introduction”, Goldmund “Apalachee”, Al Bowly “Midnight With The Stars and You”
Costumes> Ludmila Vitsheva
Lighting Design> Enric Planas

“Moscow presents a discourse about fear, presenting a series of pathetic situations in which it can manifest. With a background inspired in Soviet gymnasts, linking seemingly unrelated aspects, fear creates actions and dismembered fragments of other longer scenes that will never be seen”.


London, United Kingdom
Created by> James Wilton
Performers> James Wilton, Sarah Jane Taylor, Victoria Hoyland, Kynam Moore
Music> Mastodon « The Czar », « Divinations »
Costumes> Sarah Jane Taylor
Lighting Design> Lucy Hansom

« Based around the psychological effects on people when they know their time is limited. Four performers in a desperate struggle to survive. To exhaust themselves, force a recovery, then exhaust themselves again. To hurt themselves and each other in an attempt to find hope in a hopeless world. The piece also draws inspiration from the Mayan apocalypse theory, the aligment of the solar system and the crust displacement theory. »


Álvaro Frutos Muñoz, from Seville, Spain, for his piece PEZ MUERTO.