Friday, February 15, 2019


16MASDANZA – Choreography Contest

Chiba, Japan
Created by> Yuta Ishikawa
Performers> Yuta Ishikawa, Azusa Takeuchi, Yuko Yamada
Music> Hauschka “Nachtwanderung”, Nina Simone “Strange Fruit”, Spoombung “Storminated”, Goldmund “Threnody”

“Dust is something that does not attract our attention when it is on the street, but it becomes recognizable indoors, with filters like moisture or light, or just by gathering…this being varies according to ‘place’ and ‘time’…this could symbolize our mind and the warped attitude of a man of today…An act of creation becomes necessarily a passed act at the moment when we achieve it. How can we update time? Time passes cruelly, and our body is inevitably in the aging process…I always think about the emotion and the words when I look for the depth of expression…assembling them together…”

Madrid, Spain
Created by> Amaia Pardo
Performers> Amaia Pardo, Denis Santacana, Manuel Martín, Candelaria Antelo, María del Mar Rodríguez
Music> Hildur Gudnadottir “Unveiled”, “Into Warmer Air”. John Cage “An Irish Circus On Finnegan’s Wake”
Costumes> Amaia Pardo
Lighting Design> Juanjo Torres

“The continuous human prejudice and the false appearance of reality are facts that lead immediately to surprise and contradiction. It looks like it was, it is, or it will be, but no. ‘Who sits at the bottom of a well to contemplate the sky will see it small’ – Han-Yu.”

HUNGER (15’)
Tel Aviv, Israel
Created by> Michal Herman
Performers> Michal Herman, Nadar Rosano, Lee Meir
Original Music> Roy Yarkoni “Hunger”.
Costumes> Mizo
Lighting Design> Shai Shtarker

“We have passion, desire and experience. We own a fierce impulse for emotional searching. Three characters are dwelling within walls, looking for a loving glance and a warm hug, which were always missing. They unveil the true nature of love…Their somewhat desperate need for warmth creates and invites an exciting and exhausting emotional overflow and they expect to receive from their surroundings the things that were missing at home.”

Tunis, Tunisia
Created by> Wajdi Gagui
Performers> Wajdi Gagui, Marwen Errouine, Karim Touwayma
Music> Houssem Bitri (DJ) “Hiss1”, “Hiss 2”, “Hiya Hiya”, “Aswat”.
Costumes> Souad Ostarcevic
Lighting Design> Imed Jemaa

« This piece deals with the transitional phase just after the revolution in which nothing is stable, all institutions are fragile, demostrations gush everywhere, in all areas, in all sectors…Everybody wants everything right away…a fragile and difficult situation to live. Here we have a double challenge, artistic and political which corresponds to the aspirations of young dancers in Tunisia. The dancers trace their artistic revolution and civic aspirations…It is the youth that started it all… »

MOSCOW (15’)
Barcelona, Spain
Created by> Marcos Morau
Performers> Cristina Facco, Inma Asensio, Lorena Nogal, Núria Navarra, Manuel Rodríguez
Music> Tchaikovsky “Waltz from Swan Lake”, Stravinsky “The Firebird-Introduction”, Goldmund “Apalachee”, Al Bowly “Midnight With The Stars and You”
Costumes> Ludmila Vitsheva
Lighting Design> Enric Planas

“Moscow presents a discourse about fear, presenting a series of pathetic situations in which it can manifest. With a background inspired in Soviet gymnasts, linking seemingly unrelated aspects, fear creates actions and dismembered fragments of other longer scenes that will never be seen”.

London, United Kingdom
Created by> James Wilton
Performers> James Wilton, Sarah Jane Taylor, Victoria Hoyland, Kynam Moore
Music> Mastodon « The Czar », « Divinations »
Costumes> Sarah Jane Taylor
Lighting Design> Lucy Hansom

« Based around the psychological effects on people when they know their time is limited. Four performers in a desperate struggle to survive. To exhaust themselves, force a recovery, then exhaust themselves again. To hurt themselves and each other in an attempt to find hope in a hopeless world. The piece also draws inspiration from the Mayan apocalypse theory, the aligment of the solar system and the crust displacement theory. »

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Created by> Jacques Bana Yanga
Performers> Jacques Bana Yanga, Ambassa Kibala Mimani, Amigo Star Bolanza Tamboe, Arnold Coco Bitabe
Music> Lidusu Kena “Nalongi”
Lighting Design> Pierrot Lufuakenda

“This is a militant piece that raises political and social issues in today’s Africa. Throughout the piece, the four dancers attempt to speak but words do not come out. They struggle to break the silence and defy censorship to denounce their miserable living conditions. This piece illustrates the fight of African youth for their right to speak.”

PIDGIN (14’30’’)
Madrid, Spain – London, United Kingdom
Created by> Avatâra Ayuso
Performers> Alejandra Baño, Melanie López, Miriam Remírez, Avatâra Ayuso
Music> SWOD (Stephan Wöhrmann & Oliver Doerell) « Sekunden & Gehen »
Costumes> Eugenia Morales
Lighting Design> Eugenia Morales
Support by> Arras Foundation, European Center for the Arts Hellerau Dresden, Moving East

“This is a highly physical and articulate choreography that explores through movement the notion that such a linguistic term designates: A simplified language that develops as a means of communication between two or more groups that do not share a common language. ‘Pidgin’ is an encounter of bodies that look for a lingua franca which allows them to interact and cooperate.”

New Taipei City, Taiwan
Created by> Tsung-Lung Cheng
Performers> Pao-Su Chiang, Sih-Wei Luo, Tsung-Lung Cheng
Music> Dona Rosa “Quando eu era costureira”, Dakota Suite “One day without harming you”
Costumes> Bing-Hao Lin
Lighting Design> Tsung-Lung Cheng

“In the process of learning professional dance, I have learnt an array of various body movement techniques both from the Eastern and Western systems…Body performance is but a part of what creates culture. Learning physical performance alone cannot make one understand the entire structure or the reason behind the formation of the performance, resulting in ‘knowing what it is but not why it is’…Therefore it is necessary to thoroughly understand the reason of the formation of one action…”