Friday, February 15, 2019


16MASDANZA – Solo Contest

Essen-Werden, Germany
Created by> Rodolpho Leoni
Performer> Sergey Zhukov
Music> Jon Hassel “Warriors”
“Several parts of the body which are moved by varied inner constitutions of the mind, my mind, my body .”

CUBE (14’ 15”)
Tokyo, Japan
Created and Performed by> Emily Tanaka
Music> Mogwai “Black Spider 2”, Aphex Twin “QKTHR”, Yoshihiro Hanno “Empty Swimming Pool”, Mogwai “Mogwai fear Satan (Surgeon Remix).
Lighting Design> Emily Tanaka

“Before I leave, the dark comes over behind my back. The remainder of our ordinary days. feelings that I don’t want to look back on. Surplus senses to wards. Lost memories without intention. Ways which were not chosen. Ignoring other people’s minds…The rest of my being settles, grows and occupies a cubic space. A necessary structure for my life. But the cube seems enormous and infinite unexpectedly. I wonder in which side I am, either outside or inside. Before I step forward, the cube comes over, like the dark, behind my back.”

Seville, Spain – Lyon, France
Created and Performed by> Álvaro Frutos
Original Music> Sylvain Robine “Pez Muerto”.
Costumes> Lucía Vázquez Madrid
Lighting Design> María José Villar

“When everything seemed to be, it had been there for a long time. It was, then it left, but it still continued being there.”

WAVES (15’)
Seoul, South Korea
Created and Performed by> Sun-A Lee
Music> Benga “Intro”, “Electro Music”, “Duel”. Skream “Dutch Flowerz”
Costumes> Duck-Im No
Lighting Design> In-Yeon Lee

“ ‘Waves’ expresses the encounter of sound waves and the energy of movement through the phenomenon of ‘ripple’. Coming from outside, music, voices or sounds produce reactions within the body and fester until it becomes visually perceptible, as movements, gestures and dance. When the music starts, my energy accelerates the heartbeat. I feel the blood circulating in my veins and it seems like ‘waves’ that dance in my heart until the body transmits them to the outside, where the eye of the viewer identifies them as my intimate movement.”

IN ABSENTIA (14’ 20”)
Budapest, Hungary
Created by> Márton Debreczeni, Melinda Virág
Performed by> Melinda Virág
Music> Ágoston Nagy “Etude for Prepared Piano”

“’Loneliness is the clam of the unsatisfied dreams’ Abe Kobo. A solo inspired by the state of absence. The wish and will to fill up the abyss of the unknown, sometimes struggling, sometimes playfully. To retrieve the fertility and create the one being absent.”

LOST (10’)
Beijing, China
Created and performed by> Liu Bin
Original Music> Mao Liang “Lost”
Lighting Design> Godzilla Tan

“Lost combines physical vocabulary with well-composed music, an experimental solo investigating possibilities in dance…”

DOROGA… (10’)
Paris, France
Created and Performed by> Ioulia Plotnikova
Music> Bruitages “I Robot”. Avro Part “Fratres”, “Summa”. RMX “Stomp”. Bulgarian National Choir “DVA Shopski Dueta”
Music Editing> John Boswell

“It is a quiet and mysterious appearance which gradually evolves from explosion to a serene balance of powers, with oneself and with the others, and to an extreme sensuality…a journey where she shakes her feelings on various human experiences…the account of a lifetime, what you will always remember, what you lose and what strongly influences you.”

Tokyo, Japan
Created and Performed by> Takuro Suzuki
Music> Tama “Fukuro-kun”, Kousuke Tsuji “Percussion Session Tri Groove”
Coordinated by> Yuna Takada

“Supermarkets are useful. Convenient stores are really convenient. The difference is whether you find people there or not. You’ll always find a man yelling in a Yaoya (vegetables store). Handling products and gossiping as well. Which would I prefer? I wonder. Wanting to cook something new. Shaking. Like Cubism. Lots and lots…and it just fills the heart with excitement. Mix, mix and mix. Shapes that are gone and shapes that remain. Weeen, weeen, weeeen! As I stare at it, it keeps on moving. The border. It’s different every time, changing every second. Just on and on. To be or not to be…Sometimes violently, but in vain. Waves of unclear feelings. They just come and go. And already the next wave is coming. Big and gone. And big again.

NOT I (14’)
Seoul, South Korea
Created and Performed by> Choi Young Hyun
Music> Arvo Part “Spiegel im Spiegel”, “Fur Alina”

“This work is to reconstitute ‘Not I’, one of Samuel Beckett’s pieces, and the theme of this work is severance. The choreographer expresses human mental conflict and the agony and despair, the selfish attitude about the human common question ‘Who am I?’ through very understated movements and music.”

LE BLANC (15’)
Tokyo, Japan
Created and Performed by> Azusa Takeuchi
Music> Shinjiro Yamaguchi
Costumes> Sonia Hamza
Lighting Design> Masayoshi Takada
Artistic Assistant> Yuta Ishikawa

“ ‘Le Blanc’ means WHITE in French. What can be born from a piece of white paper? Is God white? Does the number of white hairs increase when going through tough times? Impression of the color of white, impression of the word white, impression of white objects, the attractive power of white. Putting various whites on white. Using the body to express whites which normally can not take shape. Everything begins from white. And…from this, a singular person will emerge.”

Winner of the MASDANZA-EU Award at the Yokohama Dance Collection eX Festival, Yokohama, Japan, 2011.

LIMITS (15’)
Madrid, Spain
Created and Performed by> Manuel Rodríguez
Music> Alva Noto “Attack”, “Transition”. Fennesz “Santora”. Collen “The Place In Time”, “Les Ondes Silencieuses”. Ryouchi Kurokawa “Read # 1”.
Costumes> David Delfín
Lighting Design> Pedro Herrero, Manuel Rodríguez

“Where does a movement or an action begin and when ‘do I’ decide to do it? This is the question that I ask myself in this spatial journey limited by a body that is impregnated by events and happenings that affect it to run and walk, to stand up or tremble…It is an analysis of the limits of the mind as a motor of the body and vice versa, where the quality and energy of movement are used as a collage. What’s technological, automatic and artificial, the ‘pure constant challenge’.”