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XVI Solo Contest

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22MASDANZA presents a selection of 8 international solo artists, chosen from the total of 145 applications received. The works have arrived from: Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, South Korea, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, United States of America, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Democratic Republic of Congo, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia and Venezuela.

BU (15’)
Tokyo, Japan
Created & Performed by> Ryu Suzuki
Music> Zöe Keating “Seven League Boots”, Michael Nyman “If”, Amiina “Thoka”
Costumes> Kumiko Takeda
Lighting Design> Eika Shimbo

“BU” is based on the idea of the Japanese word BU which has many meanings, including dance, martial arts and nothingness. I created “BU” to find my own path to the future by exploring my identity as an artist and a human being through the many meanings of BU.

“Where does the road begin, and end? […] If, the beginning of the road was the moment you hold a sword and the death is the end, when did I get this sword? […] I wield a sword, but unable to slush the darkness in front of me. A hair thin light remains distant. I look down at my hand. I never had a sword from the beginning. Am I not even at the beginning of the road yet?”

Winner of the MASDANZA-EU Award 2017 at The Yokohama Dance Collection Festival. Yokohama, Japan.

AGUA (10’)
Badajoz, Spain
Created & Performed by> Chey Jurado Giles
Original Music> Diego Garrido “Agua”

“Agua is an extract from the piece Sentinel, in which the four primary elements that form our environment (water, earth, fire and air) are developed. This piece describes and inter-prets the different states, shapes and textures by which this same element can evolve. Whether in solid, liquid, or gaseous state, it is molded, it boils, it flows, it gives life and in turn, takes it away.”



Seoul, South Korea
Created by> Kyungmin Ji, Jinho Lim, Kyung-Gu Lee
Performed by> Kyungmin Ji
Original Music> Yoonsung Cho “The Kid”
Additional Music> Ludovico Einaudi “Waterways”
Dramatics> Harim Lee
Costumes> Hyunmin Ahn
Lighting Design> Seungho Lee

“Who is he? Do I know him? Why is he greeting me? People don’t usually figure me out when I wear the glasses. Is he my close acquaintance? I will change my glasses into horn rimmed ones. Even though this pair of glasses has been useful to disguise myself, it doesn’t work anymore. But, I am relieved. He just leaves after greeting. If he holds me asking ‘How have you been?’ my liquid eyes would start wavering. My behavior would be awkward. Out of awkwardness, my tongue would move fast, making my mouth watery. It seems that every part of my body mocks at my effort to stop this conversation. The man standing in front of me would regard me as a man of failure. Striding through people in this field is still painful to me. Rather than expanding my perspective, it would be better to expand the size of my gut by indulging Chinese food. Shit”.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Created & Performed by> Aline Corrêa
Music> Titãs “Ô Pulso” de Titãs, Arvo Pärt “Spiegel im spiegel”
Costumes> Aline Corrêa
Lighting Design> Lionel Henry

“This solo questions the body as an object of resistance that has had to bear every stage of learning and experiences. The body turns into a place full of scars, where the past is visible, but its presence, visible or hidden, allows to have the eyes open for the present. “Without impulse, the body is nothing at all” (Tita’s Ô Pulso)… Aline cuts her hair as a symbol of protest against a concept of imposed beauty and uses her body as a stem that the wind has bent, but has not managed to cut. The blood is still beating!”

Budapest, Hungary
Created & Performed by> Ferenc Fehér
Original Music> Ferenc Fehér “Éxit Room”
Costumes> Judit Simon
Lighting Design> Dávid Kovácsovics
Production Partner> Katlan Csoport
Supporters> NKA, Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma, Katlan Csoport

“Escaping from our familiar world to the other part of the world where everything is un-familiar and unexplored. To make the choreography by integrating these impressions and influences. Our lifestyle is rather fast, and it is difficult to slow down”.




Kfar Monash, Israel
Created & Performed by> Ravid Abarbanel
Original Music> Oded Keidar “Underneath”
Costumes> Inbal Ben-Zaken
Lighting Design> Amir Castro

“In order to cope with the amount of stress, sadness, fear and trepidation in our lives, we must each develop a defense mechanism. These mechanisms feed off of our souls, becom-ing a virus living within us. Once breathed to life, are we able to control these forces? Un-derneath there is a battle between two presences, human and abstract, which exist within one person. In the beginning, it appears that the connection between these two beings is meant to strengthen, direct and meet the needs of the human presence. Eventually, the balance is offset.”

Kyoto, Japan
Created & Performed by> Hisashi Watanabe
Original Music> Hisashi Watanabe “Inverted Tree”
Costumes> Shie Minamino
Lighting Design> Tomohiko Watarikawa

“Where did the form of the body come from? “ ‘Play’ is the essence of humans,” said Johan Huizinga. Neoteny, the form we acquired during our evolution, is the ability to keep possi-bilities for the future without specializing. It encourages us to search and discover the un-known. It might be the tolerance of nature that allows us to reserve insignificant elements. Enormous possibility is born and dies, endlessly repeated. When I was little, I used to walk on all fours around the neighborhood at night. Climbing on the fences and poles, jumping off, and holding my breath not to be found by people. I was thinking of the way to trace back from the tip of the evolutionary tree to its root. And now, I’m trying to be an animal with the human body.”

DUENDE (10’)
London, United Kingdom
Created & Performed by> Dickson Mbi
Original Music> Oumou Sangare Vocal Recording & Jocelyn Pook “Bleeding Soles”
Costumes> Lydia Cawson
Lighting Design> Dickson Mbi

“Duende, is an exploration of the spirit within one self, in movement, in time and in space. The invitation to connect and see a live spirit coming in and out of its vessel can sometimes be overwhelming. As we are all visitors stepping into the light of reality, dance/ritual can sometimes be a fairy tale of emotions.”

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