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XXIII Choreography Contest

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23MASDANZA presents a selection of 8 international choreography artists, chosen from the total of 154 applications received for the choreography Contest. The works have arrived from: Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, South Korea, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, United States of America, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Democratic Republic of Congo, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia and Venezuela.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Created by> Ido Gidron
Performed by> Gianni Notarnicola & Ido Gidron
Original Music> Udi Berber „Dualism“
Additional Music> Chopin „Nocturne Op.9 No.2“
Costumes> Tomer Halperin
Lighting Design> Yoav Barel

„Dualism is dealing with the quality or condition of being dual. It is about the relations of opposed and contrasting forces; about breaking relations, habits and prejudices and rebuilding them. It is about staying vigilant to the constant alteration of the now. How is the energy in the room shifting when someone new enters? A man? A woman perhaps? Is it all black or white?…Dualism puts us back in place and reminds us that there are two sides for everything. Dualism has direct and immediate affect on our body and soul as well as sometimes they are in conflict with each other.

New York, United States of America
Created by> Yoshito Sakuraba
Intérpretes / Performed by> Allie Kronick, Lissa Smith, Alex Theis, Lizzy Zevallos, Margaret Jones
Music> Alberich Viper „Legalistic Blame“, Lussuria Violetta „Room Vigil“, Ben Frost „Demdike Stare Venter“.
Costumes & Lighting Design> Yoshito Sakuraba

„Bernadac portrays a woman who has confused her reality with her dream. This piece waives a story that reverberates with ideas of loss and human struggle.“


ALANDA (10‘)
Jaen, Spain
Created by> Mario Bermúdez Gil
Performed by> Catherine Coury & Mario Bermúdez Gil
/ Original Music> Sephardic Music „La Roza Enflorese“
Costumes> Mario Bermúdez-Gil
Lighting Design> Mamen Bermúdez-Gil

“Together, Catherine and Mario connect and contrast vital paths of the past and present, as they intercept lines of lineage with memories of movement, cultural beauty and traditional knowledge. Whatever its origin, dance evokes life, old and new. Paired in force and flow, the couple is precise and create tension, tenderness, chaos and calm. Coury and Bermúdez-Gil, artists from two worlds, the United States and Spain, are together as one. Alanda can be seen, felt, understood by all travelers of life.”

FACE À FACE 2 (14‘)
Kinshasa, D.R. of Congo
Created by> Pepe Naswa Raison, David Bakonese, André Bakambay
Performed by> David Bakonese & André Bakambay
Original Music> Tresor Elmas „Bruit du Matin“

„From dance to dialogue, to promote peace through dance, to promote the culture of dialogue and reconciliation through encounters face to face…we must speak about an event that happened seven years ago and that divides the people even today…conflicts and personal interests are shown through the body and movement…let’s remember the confrontation in 2011 between two self-appointed political leaders in the same space for just one throne and one people…to stop the manipulation of power and the personal interests of a people that waits. In this performance, dancing is not enough, we must live the scene.“

Madrid, Spain
Created by> Jon López García
Performed by> Edoardo Ramírez, Marcos Martincano & Carlos Roncero
Music> Nuu „Dhers“, Anne James Chaton & Andy Moor „Portrait“, Gustavo Santaolalla „I know what you are“
Costumes> Dolores García
Lighting Design> David Naranjo

“A cast of characters who consciously conceal aspects of themselves from those around them. They hide truths of who they are, where they come from and whom they love. They fear shame, rejection, gossip and embarrassment. They whisper stories but never want the story to be about them. The control in the expression of emotions is one of the first lessons the child must learn. Man must suppress crying, he cannot give excessive signs of affection in public, he has to be dominant and, sometimes, even derogatory. Definitely, he must be strong not to resemble the other, who is supposed to be fragile and is the object of derision and contempt. Thus, an alternative masculinity to the traditional one emerges, which on this occasion is shown not only in the bodies of the people portrayed, who look at the spectator in the eyes without imposture, but also in the point of view as a spectator who, without limiting himself to being a mere voyeur, appears as an active participant in this intimacy. The piece reflects on the journey towards the acceptance of one self, even if the common thing in society is to change to be part of a group.

D’MES (14‘)
Turin, Italy
Created & Performed by> Daniele Salvitto & Federica Francese
Music> David Land „Just“, Alfonso Peduto “Luminance”
Lighting Design> Cristina Golin
Co-Produced by> Koine Humana Societá, Compagnia Simona Bertozzi | Associazione Culturale NEXUS, Interplay Festival Internazionale di Danza Contemporanea.

“We’re living in a moment when solitude and isolation are drying up the human being. Children of globalization, made slaves by technology. We entrust our words and feelings to instruments in which the most real part of a person is completely absent. All values of union, love and friendship are crumbling, paradox of a world surrounded by incredible media. A continuous creeping, an infiltration in human relationships, a cause of separation, marginalization, abandonment. A mitosis. From a single organism, a group of several people, who at first lived in a perfect symbiosis, more and more often come out singles: new daughter cells with their own freedom, their own creative power. With the same chromosomal set, made of values, traditions and memories, these new individuals enjoy a self-contemplating ecstasy. But despite this strong sense of inequality, the hopes of giving life to many realities are still alive. Two bodies on stage, one cell. Two souls many more emotions.

Yongin-si, South Korea
Created by> Jonghyun Cha
Performed by> Wubin Lim & Jonghyun Cha
Original Music> Coda „Born Never Asked“
Costumes> Eldu
Lighting Design> Jonghyun Cha

„Perfect answers. Questions that must be asked. Answers that should be given. Perfect answers that no one can give eventually. ‚Unanswered Question‘ continuously asks the audience through the movements of dancers, encouraging the audience to find their own answers.“

Guangzhou, China
Created by> Zhiren Xiao & Ran Sun
Performed by> Mengbo Li & Zhiren Xiao
Original Music> Alexandre Desplat „Lili’s Death“

“Relationships are the process of transferring emotions, attitudes, facts, beliefs and ideas from one person to another.”

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