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XVII Solo Contest

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23MASDANZA presents a selection of 8 international solo artists, chosen from the total of 156 applications received for the Solo Contest. The works have arrived from: Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, South Korea, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, United States of America, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Democratic Republic of Congo, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia and Venezuela.

Seoul, South Korea
Created & Performed by> Kim Seo Youn
Music> Sigur Ros “Verold Ny Og Od”, “Hoppipolla”
Costumes> Choi In-Sook
Lighting Design> Kim Min Soo

“This is about communication. Our opinions sometimes differ from others’ opinions. We have created this story based on dialogues with people saying that they are ‘wrong’ when others have different thoughts and viewpoints. Are you having true communication?”

Winner of the MASDANZA-EU Award 2018 at The Yokohama Dance Collection Festival. Yokohama, Japan.

Yerevan, Armenia
Created & Performed by> Rima Pipoyan
Original Music> Murcof “Una”, “Death and the Maiden”
/ Costumes & Lighting Design> Rima Pipoyan

“Sometimes it is really difficult to make a decision, and it is even more difficult and frequently impossible when it does a woman. It seems that decision-making can last for ages. Some women are really concise in the process of decision-making but this does not change the mess in their heads. The mess can last only few seconds but in these seconds women’s thoughts can do incredible things-fly from the past to the future, fly to the Moon or to the other side of the Earth at the same time, they can think about daily problems and eternal issues, they can love and hate, smile and cry, be calm and go crazy simultaneously and at the end it seemed as if nothing happened. It’s exactly the same with this heroine but…”

Albacete, Spain
Created & Performed by> Joaquín Collado Parreño
Music> Mica Levi “Alien Loop”
Costumes> Estela Miguel
Lighting Design> Ximo Rojo

“I can swim like the others only I have a better memory than the others. I have not forgotten my former inability to swim. But since I have not forgotten it my ability to swim is of no avail and I cannot swim after all”. – F. Kafka, Parables and Paradoxes.

“Nereo Drowning turns the body into a liquid mass of flesh, rolling and unfolding on the floor; an exploration into the materiality of the foreign body. With a ‘foreign body’ we might refer to a new bodily perception in an alienated contemporary society. The piece attempts against a body as a unique cultural and social construction exposing certain symptoms of colonial denial/repression, and for turning against itself the mechanisms of alienation it produces. What are the survival possibilities? Or what is its capacity of resistance? This project places the spectator as a witness of the tragedy and demands empathy, solidarity and the collective strength. I believe dance must stand as a ritual offering at the crucial point where “nature bleeds”.

Pezze di Greco-Fasano, Italy
Created by> Roberta Ferrara
Performed by> Tonia Laterza
Original Music> Danheim „Ulfhednar“, „Vindöld“
Costumes> Equilibrio Dinamico & Francesco Colamorea
Lighting Design> Roberto Colabufo

“Their women ride, bow, use spears galloping, and fight against the enemy as long as they are virgins. In fact, they do not compromise their virginity until they have killed at least three enemies (…) They miss their right breast. When they are still little girls, mothers press against their body part a special bronze scorching device and this burn inhibits breast growth. The force is thus to feed the right shoulder and right arm. The Amazons. The eternal myth of warrior women rattling on a fiery horse, the bow in the fist, the strong legs in the storm, the armed look on the delicate faces. Beautiful, young, determined, ready to defend their independence with swords or arrows. Homer called them “equal to men” and this, in patriarchal Greek society, was a sign of respect.“

TIME KILLER (14’21”)
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Created & Performed by> Logyee Jung
Music> Mogwai “Yes, I am a long way from home”

“What do you usually do to endure your loneliness? Traces cannot be erased once things happened. You are looking at them at the same time, trying not to look at them consciously.”
Winner of the MASDANZA-NDA Award 2017 at The New Dance For Asia Festival (NDA). Seoul, South Korea.


Berlin, Germany
Created & Performed by> Yotam Peled
Music> People Skills „Town Of Diana“
Vestuario & Iluminación / Costumes & Lighting> Yotam Peled

„I am afraid that if I stop moving, I will feel it all. It will sink inside – the loneliness, the impotence, the taste of tears that goes down the throat. So I never stop – from a party to another, from one man to another, never leaving enough space to feel the void. ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ reflects on old and new perceptions of masculinity, through a journey in the memory lane of a man in transition.”


? I mA (12‘)
Milan, Italy
Created by> Erika Maria Silgoner
Performed by> Gloria Ferrari
Music> Kalpol Introl „Autechre“
Iluminación / Lighting Design> Erika María Silgoner

„?I mA is a statement that becomes a question, and a conviction that insinuates doubt. The soloist begins by laying down a gauntlet and challenges the audience to a silence game leading to a paced and electric dynamic. The atmosphere turns when Hamlet’s doubts invade the mind of the dancer. Who am I ? What am I ? Where am I ? From this moment the artist doesn’t know anything anymore. The performance is the mirror of a reality that disorients the essence of being human.“

New York, United States of America
Created by> Yoshito Sakuraba
Performed by> Sean Nederlof
Music> Olafur Arnalds “Broken”, Marcof Serendipity “Cometa”, Kangding Ray “March”, Kangding Ray “Cornfield”, Hans Zimmer “Chase”.
Costumes & Lighting Design> Yoshito Sakuraba

“A man who confronts his fate and fights against his reality.”

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