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Jury Prize Best Solo

Tokyo, Japan
Created and Performed by> Ruri Mitoh
Original Music> Yuta Kumachi
Costumes> Tomoko Inamura
Lighting Design> Akiyo Kushida

“This piece is a sketch of myself, and it also shows the process of sketching myself . The process continues and this piece does not have an end as long as I live. I observe my body. Then, I redundantly sketch it and erase it”.

Winner of the MASDANZA-EU Award 2014 at The Yokohama Dance Collection EX Festival. Yokohama, Japan.

Jury Prize for the Best Performer

Cerignola, Italy
Created and Performed by> Irene Russolillo
Original Music> Piero Corso
Additional Music> Portishead “The Rip”, Sean Hayes “Penniless Patron”(Covers: Guitar> Piero Corso, Vocals> Irene Russolillo)
Costumes> Irene Russolilllo
Lighting Design> Luca Telleschi

“Finding ourselves fun in our solitude. How to talk about it? Saying by saying. Explaining word by word. Talking about subjects to talk about. Playing to compose excerpts of a story, being assonant in the sense and structure of each other. ["In my thoughts I have bled for the riddles I've been fed." (The Rip - Portishead)]. The end of a love story became a lack of love. I feel the consequences of this experience that, finally, I can define. I have to be self-sufficient. A late feminism? It could be. Let’s make a virtue of necessity”.

Audience Award Best Solo

P = mg (15’)
Paris, France
Created and Performed by> Jann Gallois
Original Music> Jean-Charles Zambo “Partie 1”, “Partie 2”, “Partie 3”.
Costumes> Marie-Cecile Viault
Lighting Design> Cyril Mulon
Tour Manager> Alice Caze

“P = mg is the physics formula for weight, the force of gravity pulling an object towards the Earth, just because it is in the vicinity of the Earth. This force is omnipresent, it impacts every particle of our body and it is constantly pulling us towards the ground, although we are so used to it we are not even aware of it. Besides this inevitable physical dimension, I wanted to draw attention to a psychological dimension, just as universal as the first one, a weight we are often not aware of either, that makes us veer off course or slows us down. Sometimes it comes from other people, sometimes from ourselves, our fears, our beliefs

Jury Prize Best Choreography / Audience Award Best Choreography

Grenoble, France
Created by> François Veyrunes
Assistant Choreographer> Christel Brink
Performers> Jérémy Kouyoumdjian & SylvÚre Lamotte
Original Music> François Veyrunes & Stratcho Temelkovski
Costumes> François Veyrunes
Lighting Design> Philippe Veyrunes

« ArrivĂ© lĂ  au fin-fond des Ă©quilibres, piĂ©ton d’un grain de beautĂ© du ciel, passager Ă  la pauvre semelle, hantĂ© par cette facĂ©tie de gĂ©ant : marcher sur les Ă©toiles, et cette question : ceux qui trĂ©buchent peuvent-ils se rĂ©cupĂ©rer ? » – Antoine Choplin

“To welcome without surrender; to welcome and stand proud. Can the stage dynamics uncover interpersonal relationships other than dichotomies and go beyond the expected and predetermined? It is not about confrontation, but about reaching a state where acceptance does not imply surrender. “

Special Mention of the Jury for Choreography and Performers

Madrid, Spain
Created by> José Juan Rodríguez
Performed by> Rodolfo Sacristån, José Juan Rodríguez
Music> Javier Corcobado “Caballitos de Anís”
Costumes> José Juan Rodríguez
Lighting Design> Pilar Duque de Estrada

“Caballitos de Anís exists because of its two characters who could be two performers, two factory workers, two characters right out of a play or, perhaps, two circus artists. Two individuals who are part of the play. They will listen to the statements of a voice-over which represents the State and the power. Later, there is music, and then silence. Those are elements that the two characters will try to accept with the best of their intentions, as any individual tries to accept the day-to-day absurd in the best possible way”.

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