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XIX Choreography Contest

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In this year’s edition of the Choreography Contest of 19MASDANZA, a total of 117applications were received, 6 of them were chosen to participate. The applications came from different countries around the world: Austria, Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia and Korea’s South, Costa Rica, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Slovakia, United States of America, France, Greece, Hong Kong (China), Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Uganda and Venezuela.

Chiopris Viscon, Italy
Created by> Giovanni Leonarduzzi
Performed by> Giovanni Leonarduzzi, Anna Savanelli, Raffaello Titton
Music> Loom “Solo Andata” / Meredith Monk “Monk: Shift” / Le Lendemain “Fiore” / Esmerine “Walkin Through Mist” /Red Clouds “The First Sign” / David Lang “Increase”.

“The piece is designed as if it were a watch gear: the paths that are repeated to remind us of the continuous spiral of the incessant and repetitive rotation of the hands. The clock only works when all the gears rotate, each in their own way and conditioning even others; it is a continuous interaction, hampering and helping themselves. Different views describe the lives of people who, stuck with the rest, live in the futility of their insistence”.

Grenoble, France
Created by> François Veyrunes
Assistant Choreographer> Christel Brink
Performers> Jérémy Kouyoumdjian & Sylvère Lamotte
Original Music> François Veyrunes & Stratcho Temelkovski
Costumes> François Veyrunes
Lighting Design> Philippe Veyrunes

« Arrivé là au fin-fond des équilibres, piéton d’un grain de beauté du ciel, passager à la pauvre semelle, hanté par cette facétie de géant : marcher sur les étoiles, et cette question : ceux qui trébuchent peuvent-ils se récupérer ? » – Antoine Choplin

“To welcome without surrender; to welcome and stand proud. Can the stage dynamics uncover interpersonal relationships other than dichotomies and go beyond the expected and predetermined? It is not about confrontation, but about reaching a state where acceptance does not imply surrender. “

Seoul, South Korea
Created by> Soo Dong Jung
Performers> Kim Tae Hee, Kim Mo Dern, Soo Dong Jung
Music> Ezio Bosso “Second Breath, Out of Breath”, “You are Mine!”
Costumes> Skin, Ivory Color

“There are several ways to hide my emotions to others. You can get others to understand your message by observing your beahviour or the way you speak. This daily experiment of behavior, gesture and movement have been the basic equipment of this choreography”.

Madrid, Spain
Created by> José Juan Rodríguez
Performed by> Rodolfo Sacristán, José Juan Rodríguez
Music> Javier Corcobado “Caballitos de Anís”
Costumes> José Juan Rodríguez
Lighting Design> Pilar Duque de Estrada

“Caballitos de Anís exists because of its two characters who could be two performers, two factory workers, two characters right out of a play or, perhaps, two circus artists. Two individuals who are part of the play. They will listen to the statements of a voice-over which represents the State and the power. Later, there is music, and then silence. Those are elements that the two characters will try to accept with the best of their intentions, as any individual tries to accept the day-to-day absurd in the best possible way”.

Bologna, Italy
Created by> Fabrizio Favale
Performed by> Francesco A. Leone, Daniele Salvitto
Music> Mountains “Add Infinity”
Costumes> Le Supplici
Lighting Design> Le Supplici

“This choreographic piece starts from the observation of those particular phenomena that we find in nature, where the forms are, so to speak, incomplete, or turn into other forms before they have reached their completion. On this path moves Ossidiana, a work that turns into something hybrid, unexpected and morphologically unusual: like a glass of obsidian, where the crystal will not ever supervene. It is in this point of view that the two dancers move, as if to say that every relationship before taking the form that we have expected, had already been predicted on the slopes of an exotic volcano”.

Tel-Aviv, Israel
Created by> Gil Kerer
Performed by> Ayala Frenkel, Gil Kerer
Artistic Director> Sahar Azimi
Original Music> Ori Avni “Between Us”
Additional Music> Marianne Faithfull “No Child Of Mine”
Costumes> Len Boukhman
Lighting Design> Dani Fishof

“The piece attempts to address the well-known and common theme of power struggles within relationships, and between men and women, and search for new ways to experience and think about desire and will. Through movement research, the idea is to be able to shed off façades and masks, to attempt to be brave enough to put defenses aside, and to look for ways which will allow us to be genuine, vulnerable and naked. To let ourselves see and be seen; to want and be wanted; and look for what may happen if we do manage – even if for moments – to put these hindrances aside. What might this new space (or vacuum perhaps?) create? What may happen if we chose to expose and uncover rather than hide, defend and mask? To what degree can we alter these mechanisms? How much intimacy can we truly take? Why and when so? What lies between fragility and power? To what extent do we allow for openness and freedom – within ourselves and concerning others?”

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